Efficient, Compact and Robust Flue Gas Analysis with the testo 310 and 320 Series

Efficiently analyse flue gas with the 310 and 320 testo series of analysers which are designed to be both compact and robust

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Utilising advanced technology and smart design, testo have created the 310 and 320 Series of Flue Gas Analysers which have combined long battery life, multifunctional operation and tough design in one simple instrument. 

testo’s 310 combines simple functionality and high level accurate measurement to make this device perfect for all basic heating system measurement requirements.

310 Series has long battery lifetime of up to 10 hours, is easy to operate and has a compact and robust design 

  • Accurately measures CO, O2 and CO2 as well as ambient CO, draught and pressure
  • Ambient CO measurement determines safety by measuring whether flue gas spillage is spreading in the vicinity of a heating system 
  • Draught measurement confirms if flue gas from heating systems is correctly drawn off through the flue, using the correct negative pressure asured.
  • Accurately test gas supply to the boilers by measuring differential pressure in the gas line and ambient pressure, this can also assist when adjusting gas pressures 
testo’s 320 flue gas analysers precisely measure flue gas, draught, differential pressure, gas leakage, gas pipes, ambient CO and differential temperature. 

Multifunctional  testo 320 flue gas analyser

  • Simple to operate and addresses every measurement task involved in a heating system with numerous measurements available in clearly structured menus 
  • High-resolution colour display with graphical measurement results for increased productivity t
  • Loads of storage space within the instrument, storing up to 500 measurement values 
  • Extensive range of probes further increases the 320’s measurement functionality
testo’s flue gas measurement instrumentation incorporates convenient operation into the overall product architecture in order to increase usability and productivity, from the well thought-out button placement to the ergonomic design and easy to read and navigate screens.

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