Effectively Prevent and Suppress Dust with AutoJet Dust Control Systems

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key to dust management is
identifying and understanding the most
effective method
of minimising the dust problem. Applying efficient dust suppression, prevention and
control methods are the most effective solutions.

you e involved in longwall mining, coal
shearing, crushing or conveying, stockpiling or stacking
; Spraying Systems
Co has the spray equipment solutions to stop
dust at the source
. Our engineers have decades of experience in supplying
systems and spray nozzles to companies within the mining industry.

common assumption among many mine sites is that as long as water is spraying
out of nozzles, they are functioning correctly. Spray nozzles are designed to be long-lasting with trouble-free performance. However, nozzles can
wear after time. Having a skilled engineer come in and inspect the quality of
your nozzles regularly ensures that your operations run smoothly.

nozzle quality is not only critical for efficient and effective dust control,
but also for the health and wellbeing of
your employees
. Inhalation of airborne dust may cause temporary or
permanent illness.

Regular mine site inspections are an essential part
of proper onsite maintenance. Electing to have a site audit conducted by one
of our engineers can help avoid these issues. Our engineers have an improved understanding of nozzle technology
and their applications which allows for a thorough and accurate inspection.

Key Mine
Site Dust Control Applications

  • Stockpile Solutions
  • Conveyor Solutions
  • ROM Bin Solutions
  • Chute Dust
  • Rail Car Veneering
  • Conveyor Belt Cleaning
  • Filtration in Mines
  • Wet Screening
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