Effective Industrial Leak Detectors from Bestech

Simply and effectively check for the smallest of leaks in packages and seals

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Bestech Australia supplies packaging leak testers and hydrogen leak detectors for industrial and plant quality control as well as product quality assurance applications. 

Sealtick package seal testing systems conduct rapid and objective testing

  • Checks the seal quality while not damaging the package or contents
  • Faster than competitive techniques, and removes the uncertainty due to operator interpretation, damage due to destructive testing, and the need to control water baths for immersion testing
  • 6086b uses a vacuum method to measure the gas leaking for a wide range of flexible pack types and sizes
  • Simple to operate and rugged stainless steel case makes the 6086b ideal for use in a production environment

TSE 2032 provides simple, quick and reliable package seal testing

  • TSE 2032 features a mechanism to hold the pack below the water level, allowing simple and rapid operation
  • Uses a transparent acrylic case to allow viewing of packs while subjected to an underwater vacuum test
  • Even small leaks can be observed and located to enable adjustment of sealing equipment
  • A transparent mesh ensures the pack is completely submerged during the test

Additionally the unit is supplied with an electronic vacuum gauge and compressed air driven vacuum generator. To provide a constant vacuum within the chamber the operator only need make an adjustment to the pressure regulator whilst viewing the gauge to complete tests at the required negative pressure. 

Simple and in-expensive method of locating the smallest of leaks with minimal fuss

  • Fast and sensitive
  • Identifies the location of a leak
  • Usually a destructive test
  • Tests seal strength as well as for leakage
  • Package held in submerged position
  • All round transparency for easy visibility
  • Optional inbuilt vacuum pump uses compressed air only

Production line leak detectors
FCO750 is a high specification leak detector from Furness Controls and builds on the highly successful FCO290. Suitable for bench-top mounting or integration into automated assembly fixtures, the FCO750 offers an affordable, “No Compromise” approach to leak detection. Suitable for simple and complex test sequences.

  • Dual and automatic pressure regulation options
  • Leak sensitivity down to 0.1 Pa or 0.01 ml/min
  • Programmable electrical and pneumatic outputs
  • Graphical display of test progress

Battery powered hydrogen leak detector for rough environment
Sensistor ISH2000 is a robust instrument for professional leak detection. The unique method involving the use of inexpensive forming gas (5 % hydrogen and 95 % nitrogen) as tracer gas combines unmatched measuring properties with user-friendly technology, low costs and minimal service requirements. This makes Sensistor ISH2000 the best option for a wide range of production and maintenance applications, especially for finding leaks of a size that would leak liquids such as water, fuel and oils, or in environments with occasional large leaks.

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