Dvd Quality Alternative To Mpeg-4 For Cctv Surveillance


The H.264 Pro series DVR is the next generation Digital Video Recording system. From 4 to 64 camera channels per system with REAL TIME DISPLAY and REAL TIME RECORDING all channels including audio. (32 channels = 800 fps). Older MPEG4 DVR systems use mainly software compression which in this industry spells problems. MPEG4 does not compare to the DVD like Video quality of the Pro Series H.264 Hardware Compression algorithm.

H.264 is much more efficient compared to outdated MPEG4 and even faster over LAN and Internet by comparison. HDD usage with H.264 is up to 30% less than MPEG4 so a big cost saving. The result is zero playback interlacing or pixilation normally associated with MPEG4 and remarkable visual playback quality.

Differentiating Features
Hidden Camera Surveillance announces the new Pro Series DVR system uses H.264 HARDWARE COMPRESSION technology. Most other DVR systems use SOFTWARE COMPRESSION meaning the PC hardware struggles with file compressing and decompressing. In larger DVR systems the PC simply cannot handle the work load resulting in system instability and poor playback quality. Furthermore, old MPEG4 software compression DVR systems can be quite limited in camera numbers, viewing and recording speed.

With the Pro Series DVR all of the video compression is performed by the capture card/s (not PC hardware), so the PC is relieved of load. Consequently, much larger systems can be built with all live recording & display and year in year out system stability.

Nothing outperforms our H.264 Hardware Compression Technology. HCS offers full installation with a huge range of CCTV cameras from 500 to 580 horizontal TV Lines (see our starlight range) Hi-res colour Infra Red, zoom cameras with Pelco protocols, indoor/outdoor vandal proof PTZ with wireless remote, vandal proof dome cameras, pinhole and covert type both wired and wireless.

Our CCTV cameras and DVR hardware are imported from the manufacturer direct so no middle men. DEALERS & RESELLERS ONLY can purchase wholesale through CCTV Direct Pty Ltd. Look no further as this is the best. 100% money back guarantee.

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