DV POWER RMO200G Micro-Ohmmeter from Brandis Hire

0-200A Micro-Ohmmeter for Accurate Resistance Measurement Lightweight, Portable, Rugged and Easy to Use

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The DV Power RMO 200G series micro ohmmeters are designed for resistance measurement of electrical connections and equipment.

Suitable for testing of non-inductive equipment using a very simple principle for accurate resistance
measurement between 0,1 999,9 m Available test currents of 5 200A manually selected by the user.

Using the most advanced switch mode technique available today, the RMO generates a ripple free DC
current with automatically regulated test ramps.

During a test, the RMO ramps the current to the selected test value, measures the resistance and then
ramps the current back to zero, effectively eliminating magnetic transients. 

Standard Accessories:  Hard Transport Case, Current and Voltage Test Leads, Mains power cable, Earthing Lead

Power Supply: 230VAC 50Hz

Fuse: 15A

Test Current: 5-200A DC

Typical Accuracy:  0,1% rdg 0,1% FS 

Interface Type: USB

Operating Temperature/Humidity Range:  -10 to 50 C and 5 to 95%RH (no condensation)

Length: 320 mm 

Width: Width 

Height: 180 mm 

Weight: 8.5kg 

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