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Dust Measuring Devices
Scattered light dust measuring devices
Transmittance dust measuring devices
Gravimetric dust measuring devices

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SICK is setting new standards in
dust measurement with its rugged and low-maintenance measuring devices for
detecting and monitoring dust concentrations. All dust measuring devices are
easy to integrate into existing applications and offer straightforward
installation and commissioning along with user-friendly operation.

Scattered light dust measuring devices

The reliable way to detect low dust concentrations

Light scattering by dust
particles is a measurement principle that allows even very low concentrations
of dust to be detected. Depending on the system-specific requirements, either
forward scattering or backward scattering can be used in this context. Both
measurement principles return stable and reproducible measurement results,
regardless of the gas velocity, humidity, or dust particle charges.

Transmittance dust measuring devices

Maintaining a clear sightline even when dust
concentrations are high

Transmittance dust measuring
devices transmit light through the entire duct. With this type of measurement,
light attenuation indicates the concentration of dust inside the duct. These
measuring devices are specially designed for medium to high dust concentrations
and large duct diameters. Consequently, they are equally suited to emission and
process monitoring as they are to hall monitoring applications.

Gravimetric dust measuring devices

Easy setup, accurate measurement

Gravimetric dust measurement devices extract a partial gas flow from the
duct under predefined conditions and use a filter to separate out the dust
particles. The amount of dust is ascertained by weighing the filter. The
differential pressure is measured to determine the extracted volume. These two
values are then used to calculate the concentration of dust in the duct with a
high level of accuracy. Gravimetric dust measurement is ideal for calibrating
other dust measuring devices and for taking the kinds of comparative
measurements that are required by the relevant authorities.

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