Dust and Fume Extraction Systems from Ezi-Duct

Extraction machinery for collecting dust and fumes in industrial areas, keeping air clean and healthy

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Ezi-Duct, one of the leading suppliers of dust collection equipment, pollution control equipment, fume extraction equipment and pneumatic conveying equipment in Australia has made improvements and released new models in their Ezi-Arm range of dust collectors and fume extractors.

The Ezi-Duct Ezi-Arm fume extraction fans are self supporting suction arms that are the best technical extraction solution for working processes that create fumes and airborne dust.

Dust Handling Solutions
The design of these duct collection systems has no internal obstructions that cause turbulence and snag points. The flexible ducting has been kept to a minimum due to the high friction loss and wear possibilities associated with this product.
Designed with an ease of use principle for the operator and this enables for an enormous number of suction hood positions

  • The Ezi-Arm must be connected either individually or in a group to an extraction fan and or a filter system
  • The original model Ezi-Arm has been a very successful product for Ezi-Duct
  • The mark 2 Ezi-Arm Fume Arms have many improvements that include updates on the bearings and the friction joints
  • Available in 3 sizes, 2.2 meters, 3.0 meters and 4.6 meters and as ex stock in Sydney and Melbourne

Ezi-Duct also carries a range of industrial centrifugal fans in stock to complement the Ezi-Arm Fume Arms in 3000, 6000 and 9000 mtr/cub/hour capacities.

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