Dust and Environmental Monitoring by Dwyer Instruments

Dust and Environmental Monitoring by Dwyer Instruments


Dwyer extensive range is functional and specified to many
industries. The range includes:

  • The SERIES PMT2 Particulate Transmitter is
    designed to measure particulate emission levels from dust collector discharge.
    Using DC coupled electrostatic induction sensing technology, the transmitter
    monitors a pA current that is generated as particulate passes near the probe; a
    4 to 20 mA signal will vary based on the particulate level. The PMT2 offers 6
    sensitivity ranges allowing the user to choose the range that will best fit the
    application. The range and test selector switch can also be set to output a 4
    mA or 20 mA signal to assist with set up or trouble shooting. Averaging time
    setting can be used to dampen the signal if desired.
  • The SERIES SVT Solenoid Valve Enclosure with
    Timer is a compact, reliable, and economic package that combines a timer board
    and solenoid valve enclosure into one package. Each model is available with 2,
    4, or 6 valves, but expansion modules can easily be daisy chained for a maximum
    of 60 outputs.
  • The SERIES DCT1000 Dust Controller Timer Controller simplifies
    on-demand cleaning requirements by eliminating the need for external devices
    such as pressure switches, relays, and timers. The modular design allows for
    use as a continuous cleaning control or on-demand cleaning control using the
    optional plug-in pressure module. The DCT1000 is the same size for 6, 10, and
    22 channels, allowing one board size to be the standard on one enclosure.
  • The SERIES DCV/RDCV Dust Collection Valves are
    ideal for use with the Series DCT1000 and Series DCT500 duct collection timer
    boards for controlling the air pulse in jet pulse type dust collectors to clean
    the filters. Both the Series DCV and RDCV have the option for either coupling
    or NPT connections. The coupling connection allows for a quick and simple
    installation. Only the stub pipe and blowtube need to be cleaned and deburred
    before the valve is fit into position. The 淭 Series DCV has female threaded
    connections. Both the 淐 and 淭 versions have a 90 angle between the inlet
    and outlet the most suitable configuration for pulse valve applications. The
    design offers not only ease of installation, but also minimal airflow
    restriction for an exceptional cleaning pulse. The valves are offered in both
    integrated and remote coil configurations.
  • Using solid state technology, the SERIES 3000MR &
    3000MRS Photohelic Switch/ Gages
    combine the functions of a precise,
    highly repeatable differential pressure switch with a large easy-to-read analog
    pressure gage employing the durable, time-proven Magnehelic gage design.
    Switch setting is easy to adjust with large external knobs on the gage face.
    Gage reading is unaffected by switch operation – will indicate accurately even
    if power is interrupted. Solid state design now results in greatly reduced size
    and weight. Units can be flush mounted or surface mounted with hardware supplied.
    3000MR models employ versatile electromechanical relays with gold over silver
    contacts – ideal for dry circuits. For applications requiring high cycle rates,
    choose 3000MRS models with SPST (N.O.) solid state relays. All models provide
    both low and high limit control and include 18-inch (45 cm) cable assemblies
    for electrical connections. Compatible with air and other non-combustible,
    non-corrosive gases, they can be used in systems with pressures to 25 psig
    (1.725 bar). Optional construction is available for use to either 35 psig (2.42
    bar) or 80 psig (5.51 bar).


  • Dust
  • Pneumatic
  • Air
    conditioning systems
  • Clean
  • Industrial
  • Emissions
  • Broken
    bag detection in dust collectors
  • Filter
    leak or wear detection
  • Bin
    vent monitoring

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