Durable and Quick Setting Polyurethane Foams from Era Polymers

Used for a variety of different product applications in commercial or domestic appliances and products

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Era Polymers provide a range of polyurethane foams that play a vital role in industries ranging from refrigeration to automotive.

Polyurethane Foams offer outstanding durability and high abrasion resistance

Polyurethane Foams have the following advantages over conventional materials (wood, rubbers and plastics)

  • Excellent load-bearing weight capability
  • Excellent resistance to oil, grease and chemicals
  • Formulations available in a wide range of resilience
Polyurethane Foams can be categorised by the following:

  • Rigid: Excellent for different thermal insulation properties.
  • Flexible: Extremely comfortable.
  • Integral Skin: Can be easily moulded for applications ranging from soft to hard.
  • Microcellular: Used in applications which require a combination of comfort and durability. 

Polyurethane Foams are versatile and suitable for a variety of applications, including the following

  • Automotive: Steering wheels, dashboards, seating, roof linings, rear view mirrors, underlay, sound deadening, sun visors, roof insulation, jounce bumpers, filters.
  • Insulation: Refrigeration, truck body panels, pipe sections, ducts, roofs, buildings, vibrational sound proofing, hot water tanks.
  • Void Filling: Buoyancy, structural, packaging, horticultural, boat floatation.
Era Polymers offers a full range of non-ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) foams which are Ozone friendly, CFC and HCFC free.
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