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Dry Semi-bulk Containers Applications
There are a variety of the methods of storing and transporting bulk ingredients, meats, pelletised product and the like, whether these be in plastic bottles on steel frames or simply wooden or plastic boxes. IBC Solutions is a specialist provider of folding and demountable intermediate bulk containers, which provide arguably the most effective medium for product security and integrity available.

Differentiating Features of Dry Semi-bulk Containers
Product Options:
Traditional Pallecon Chep Box style
This steel framed and plastic walled container is a classic proven performer capable of lasting in excess of 10 years. The Modular is available in standard Australian footprint size, or can be built to suit ISO container loading. It can be clad in corporate colour plastic if required. Its configuration is such that damaged panels can be replaced very quickly. It can be stripped down for cleaning in less than two minutes.

Traditional Pallecon Chep Box Style
Another similar style unit is the Hopper IBC which is the only available folding container with a full width hatch at the bottom. Very popular for decanting cereals and powders, it can be clad in corporate colour plastic if required.

Plastic style
Made from High density polyethylene, the internationally successful Gemini will last for many years. Unlike many plastic containers it has smooth sides inside and out, which make it popular with food users.

Cardboard style
If you want a simple cheap container, or are exporting, then the demountable Spacekraft multi-ply solids IBC is unbeatable value. Mounted on a pallet, this is a world renowned method of storing semi-bulk products.

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