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Thermosafe drum heaters are the most effective and non-aggressive heating solution

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Induction Drum Heating Solutions
The LMK Thermosafe drum and process heater has been designed and an alternative to multi-drum ovens and as a solution to process heating problems, even in hazardous conditions.

With the ability to heat 205 litre drums, the Thermosafe drum heater is a sinlge induction coil that is encapsulated in a cylinder created from glass reinforced resin, which has been developed specifically for chemical plants.

This coil is then connected to a single AC supply and then generates heat directly and consistently in the drums wall.

The alternating magnetic field allows for the energy to be transferred and therefore there is no conventional or radiated heat being conveyed.

With no hot elements the heater remains cool at all times during the heating of the drum.

Thermosafe Drum and Process Heater Features

  • Thermosafe heats by induction so no heating elements.
  • It is able to heat not only drums but gas bottles, small scale reactors, and process vessels.
  • Thermosafe is able to sample solidified and suspect material during heating.
  • Uniform heating makes the heater ideal for removing residue from drums.
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