Distortion Free Running with Wilson Wheel Rolling Forge

Wilson Wheel Rolling Forge is the latest turret punching tool to work with the metal’s natural tendency to move & warp to produce even & clean finishes


Distortion is a major problem faced by all sheet metal workers when it comes to large embosses using a punch press.


Traditional punching methods work against the sheet metal natural inclination to move and warp which is a very normal way for metal to react when subjected to traditional punching treatment.


The Rolling Forge from Sheetmetal Tooling Tech is the latest turret punch tooling developed from the Wilson Wheel family for stable, clean embosses that are perfectly flat every time.


Works with the metal natural tendency to move and warp

The Rolling Forge sculpts the material in a circular and upwards motion several times to evenly stretch small amounts of the metal with each passing for a distortion free running.


The Rolling Forge produces:

  • Even
  • Clean
  • Substantially high emboss
  • Reliable finishes


Sheetmetal Tooling Tech delivers top quality tooling solutions that reduce costs and increase productivity.

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