Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems from Hydroflux

The HyDAF Dissolved Air Flotation system’s simplicity and exceptional performance are the reasons why it is the choice for industrial wastewater treatment.

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HyDAF Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system simplicity and exceptional
performance are just two of the reasons why the HyDAF is the DAF of choice for industrial
wastewater treatment.

Product range of DAF systems are:

HD-10 Capacity: 10 kL/hr Size: 3 m 脳 1.4 m 脳 1.6 m (L 脳 B 脳 H)

HD-20 Capacity: 20 kL/hr Size: 4 m 脳 1.8 m 脳 1.6 m

HD-35 Capacity: 35 kL/hr Size: 4.35 m 脳 2.4 脳 1.95 m

HD-50 Capacity: 50 kL/hr Size: 5.65 m 脳 2.8 m 脳 1.95 m

HD-75 Capacity: 75 kL/hr Size: 6.95 m 脳 2.8 m 脳 1.95 m

HD-100 Capacity: 100 kL/hr Size: 8.45 m 脳 2.9 m 脳 2.05 m

HD-200 Capacity: 200 kL/hr Size: 9.8 m 脳 3.9 m 脳 2.45

Model: HD-300 Capacity: 300 kL/hr Size:11.8 m 脳 4.9
m 脳 2.45 m

Hydroflux HyDAF system is specially designed for the treatment of industrial wastewater.
Its proven systems are successfully operating in numerous industrial sectors
such as meat and poultry, dairies, beverages and manufacturing to name just a

In one packaged plant the HyDAF system comprises the

  • inlet mixer to provide superior inlet flow distribution and flocculent/recycle
    stream mixing for optimum flotation
  • integrated sludge hoppers for easy settled solids removal
  • dissolved air recycle stream injection into the inlet mixer for
    immediate air contact with flocculent and particles
  • flotation zone (DAF Zone) to provide a quiescent volume for the
    formation of float
  • heavy duty, fully guarded, counter-current surface skimmer for the
    removal of surface float
  • effluent discharge baffle to enhance the separation of the clarified
    effluent from the quiescent volume

The HyDAF system is
fabricated in Australia in a range of sizes and each dissolved air unit is matched
to the specific solids load for your application.

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