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The BioCap Digester Cover is designed to store the waste biogas produced in anaerobic digesters.

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The BioCap Digester
is designed to store the waste biogas produced in anaerobic digesters.
The cover is also designed to impart a pressure to the biogas to enable
reticulation of the biogas to the appliances which will utilise the biogas.


Digester Cover

Floating Digester Roofs

Fixed Digester Roofs

Roofs inclusive of pressure relief valves, flame arrestors, site ports and
sediment traps

sludge heat exchanger system

mixing systems with gas compressor

sludge mixing with internal nozzles

gas flares

Pre-treatment screening and thickening

For tertiary wastewater treatment, anaerobic
digesters are needed. The digester is typically comprised of a concrete reactor
and gas holding roof. The roof provides gas storage and the mass of the roof
allows for uniform pressure.

Digestion of biosolids plays a key role in the
stabilisation of the sludge stream, to reduce pathogens with volatile suspended
solids destruction. It also produces a biogas as part of the process. The
biogas is mostly comprised of methane and can be used for electricity generation.

The BioCap cover is typically fitted with:

  • sample hatches
  • pressure/vacuum relief valves to protect the digester cover from
    excessive gas pressure or vacuum conditions
  • flame arrester with weather hood and isolating valve
  • access manholes which allow ingress into the cover gas space during
    digester maintenance
  • cover height indicator which gives a visual measure of the cover
    position in respect of its vertical travel
  • seal pipes for mounting of sludge mixing lances (not required if external
    mixing is used)
  • ultrasonic level detector to detect cover movement
  • pressure sensors with high and low adjustable set points

The BioCap is
designed as a turnkey installation customised to each client sludge handling needs.
The units are made locally and transplanted to site for final fabrication,
protective coating and assembly to reduce site works and transport logistics.

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