Detection and Ranging Solutions with SICK’s Laser Measurement Sensors

SICK Laser Measurement Technology is highly versatile for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Forward thinking Laser Measurement Technology is versatile and intelligent for a number of applications.

Two-dimensional or multi-dimensional contour information is collected and processed internally and externally.

SICK’s detection and ranging intelligence is suitable for indoor and outdoor functions.

Intelligent Indoor Laser Measurement Sensor Technology

  • TiM3xx: Touch and teach configuration without a PC while remaining small and lightweight.  Exceptionally low power consumption, utilises intelligent algorithms for field evaluation
  • S100: Broad 270° scanning field with two switching fields or 16 switching fields options. Highly versatile for stationary and mobile uses
  • LMS1xx: Rugged with real-time output of measurement data via Ethernet interface. Expandable using external CAN module  
  • LMC1xx: Intelligent VdS-certified and environmental C class II or IVa standard.  High 20m detection range both horizontally and vertically
  • LMS4xx: Integrated Application Level Control sensor for shadow-free detection of products in crates with large dynamic 0.7 m to 3 m range measurement
  • LMS5xx: Powerful measurement of up to 65 m with 5-echo technology for continuous performance in difficult conditions
  • JEF3xx: Effective 2D and 3D fill level control with easy download of new configurations
  • JEF5xx: Precision 2D and 3D laser measurement sensor with large working range
  • LD-OEM indoor: Fine angular resolution, 360° view, measurement on hot surfaces and real-time data output
  • LD-LRS indoor: Exceptional range on dark objects, high ambient light usability, small spot diameter within an IP65 or IP67 certified exterior  
  • NAV: Accurate position information, contour and measuring- in of reflector positions with simple integration using standard interface  

Versatile Outdoor Laser Measurement Sensor Technology

  • LMS111: Hard wearing housing yet small and lightweight. Parameter interface is accessible from the front while device mounted
  • LMS511 outdoor:  Impressive 65m range with capability in adverse conditions. Highly compact with integrated heater and IP67 rating
  • LD-OEM outdoor: Refined angular resolutions and 360° view. Hot surfaces measurements with real-time output of measurements
  • LD-LRS outdoor: Programmable up to 4 fields with long range on dark objects.  Reduced spot diameter and Fine angular resolution
  • LD-MRS: Simultaneous measurement on 4 layer s with high suitability for outdoor functions. Integrated with multi pulse intelligence is lightweight and compact

Versatile industrial applications include:

  • Automotive pallet height control
  • Completeness checks of beverage containers
  • Collision prevention ports
  • In-traffic classification
  • Contour shape recognition of train blocks
  • Detection for building automation
  • Intrusion monitoring
  • Navigation position evaluation
  • Waste level monitoring

Ranging and Detection products from SICK offer an innovative method to problem solving in a diverse range of industries. SICK’s online application finder leads you to the right solution and right SICK products for you.

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