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Metromatics range of Data Acquisition Systems & Signal Conditioning Solutions that provide proven reliability and performance

  • Versatile, Robust & Modular Data Acquisition Systems
  • Powerful, Easy to use Data Analysis Software
  • Highly accurate
  • Proven performance

Signal Conditioners and Network I/O Solutions are for monitoring and controlling operations where controllers communicate with instrumentation on the factory floor or out the field.

  • Signal Conditioners include Signal Transmitters, Signal Isolators, 4-20mA Signal Splitters, Limit Alarms and Computation Modules
  • Signal Conditioners inputs include: voltage, current, thermocouple, RTD, frequency, thermistor, load cell, potentiometer and discrete sensors
  • Signal Conditioners outputs include: DC Voltage and Current, Relay, Frequency, Pulse width modulation and display read out.

 Data Acquisition Systems measure a physical occurrence (eg. Temperature, Voltage, Current, Strain, Vibration, Shock..), record and store the results for real time data analysis and reporting.  Data Acquisition Systems are used in numerous applications such as:

  • Vehicle Testing – Vehicle ABS Brake Testing, Engine Combustion Analysis, Vehicle Pass By Noise Test, Harsh Environmental Testing, Crash Testing, Automotive & Motorcycle Crash Testing, Dynamic Manikin Testing, Rough Road Testing
  • NVH Testing – Brake Squeal Test, Octave Band Analysis & Analyser, Sound Quality Measurement, Sound Intensity Measurement, FFT, Order Tracking
  • Power & Energy – Power Analyser, E-Mobility, Power Quality Analyser & Meter
  • Vibration Analysis – FFT Analyser, Order Tracking Analysis, Predictive Maintenance and Monitoring, Static & Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Machinery, Rotational and Torsional Vibration Analysis, Human & Whole Body Vibration Testing,
  • Structural Dynamics – Modal Testing & Analysis, Sine Reduction Testing, Shock Spectrum Analysis, Structural Health of Bridges, Fatigue Testing & Analysis, Wind Tunnel Testing, Seismic & Civil Structural Testing
  • Acoustics – Sound Quality Measurement & Analysis, Reverberation Time RT60, Sound Power & Intensity Measurement,
  • Aerospace & Defence – PCM Telemetry, Aircraft Vibration Testing, Ejection Seat Testing, Explosive, shock and Energetic Testing, Rocket Testing

Metromatics represents several companies who are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Data Acquisition Systems & Signal Conditioning Solutions

Acromag specialises in the area of process automation products:

  • Ethernet I/O Modules, Modbus RTU I/O Modules
  • Profibus-DP I/O Modules
  • Network Repeaters
  • Analog Signal Conditioners
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Limit Alarms
  • Math Computation Modules
  • Signal Converters, Transmitters
  • microBlox Signal Conditioning I/O Modules
  • 4-20 mA Isolators
  • 4-20 mA Splitters
  • USB Isolators


Dewesoft specialises in the area of data acquisition systems and software in all measuring applications:

  • USB and EtherCAT Data Acquisition Systems
  • 15MS/s High Speed Data Acquisition System
  • Portable & 19” Rackmountable Data Acquisition Systems
  • USB & Small Footprint Data Acquisition Systems
  • Multi Channel Data Acquisition System
  • Rugged & Waterproof Data Acquisition System
  • Real Time Data Acquisition System & Control
  • DAQ Interfaces, Sensors & Actuators – CAN/CAN FD, GPS & IMU, Video Cameras, Clamps, Accelerometers, Vibration Shakers,
  • Powerful & Award Winning Data Acquisition Software


EME specialises in the area of data acquisition systems and software in Automotive & Crash Testing:

  • Small, High Speed, High Channel Data Acquisition Systems & Software
  • Multi Channel High Speed Data Acquisition System

Pacific Instruments specialises in the area of data acquisition systems and software in Engine Test Stands, Wind Tunnels, and Structural & Energetic Testing:

  • Integrated Conditioning and Acquisition Control Testing
  • Signal Conditioning Systems
  • Transient Recording Systems
  • Ruggedized Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems


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