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Interworld data acquisition and
control products are designed for use with all the bus connectivity standards including PCI-E (PCI Express), Universal
PCI, PCI, USB, Ethernet, Modbus (Serial RTU and Ethernet TCP), mini-PCIe,
PC/104, PC/104 Plus. Interworld also carries a range of standalone miniature

Data acquisition and control is made up
of both analogue input and output signals as well as digital I/O signals.

Multi-Function Analogue I/O Boards

Multi-function Analogue I/O boards make
it easy for the designer to build a complete Data Acquisition and Control

Analogue input boards are
useful for measuring the variably changing conditions in
the real world. When we want to measure these variably changing conditions, we
need analogue inputs to convert these changing real world conditions to
changing electrical quantities eg, monitoring the temperature inside a wood
kiln, or the water pressure on the output of a pump, or the heart rate of a
medical patient. In each of these cases, you can use one of our analogue input
devices to convert the electrical data from a sensor or transducer into binary
data that can then be used by your computer. Interworld analogue input boards
amplify and multiplex input signals from thermocouples, strain gauges,
accelerometers, photo sensors, flowmeters, RTDs, thermistors, voltage sources,
millivolt sources, and current sources, just to name a few.

output boards are useful when you need an output where the condition is not
just an on or off state. Analog Output boards convert digital values generated
by software into the analogue voltage or current signals required for
controlling frequency inverters, valves, sliders, brightness of lights, or
things controlled by motors and other mechanical transducers.

applications include light control, motion control, and process controls.

Key features include:

  • High-speed 16-bit Analogue to Digital (A/D)
  • Sample rates up to 1Mhz
  • Single-ended and differential-ended inputs
  • Auto Calibration
  • Programmable voltage ranges
  • FIFO data buffers
  • Analogue outputs
  • Digital I/O and Counter/Timers

Dedicated Analogue Output Boards

Analogue Output and Arbitrary
Waveform Generation boards are available with:

  • 12-bit Digital to Analogue (D/A) converters
  • Up to 16 output channels
  • On-board 128K sample buffers for waveform data
  • Up to 125K samples per DAC per second.
  • Signal generation and analogue output

Digital I/O

In many cases, we only need to
know a simple status about the device we are trying to collect data from,
whether something is true or false, on or off, in one position or another. In
these cases, we can determine what we need to know using a digital input, or
control these things by a digital output. Digital I/O can fit into many
applications. Anywhere your application requires something switched from one
state to another, or a two-position contact monitor. Such applications include
handshaking, pattern input and output, and change of state detection.

Key features of the Digital I/O range

  • TTL I/O, Optically Isolated Inputs
  • Isolated Relay Outputs
  • High Current (2A) Relay Outputs or Solid State
  • Change-of-State detection
  • Optical isolation
  • Independent counter timers
  • High current switching

Modbus Compatible Products

Our range of Modbus compatible products
can be expanded and distributed to allow complex Supervisory Control and Data
Acquisition (SCADA) systems to be realized.

  • Distributed data acquisition and control.
  • (Modbus RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) support
  • RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet and Wireless
    Ethernet connectivity
  • Digital I/O, Isolated I/O and Analogue I/O
  • Expandable and Stackable Modules


MSR dataloggers are highly suited to a
wide range of data collection and monitoring tasks. These miniature data
logging systems are fully customizable with a range of inbuilt and external
sensors for measuring 3-axis acceleration, temp, humidity, pressure and light.

  • Capability of recording and storing thousands
    of measurements
  • Tailored to your field of application
  • Analogue inputs for external sensors
  • Choice of case, measurement parameters and
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