Custom Spray Fabrication from Spraying Systems Co., The Experts in Spray Technology


Spraying Systems Co. P/L Australia Manufacturers and stockists of industrial Spray Nozzles for: cleaning, cooling, coating, drying, washing, wetting.

Sales Engineers in all states to offer problem solving solutions at your location.

Fabrication of custom spray headers and lances is just one part of our comprehensive spray technology offering. For more than 65 years, we’ve been engineering headers and lances to optimize spraying accuracy and minimize changes to existing machinery and/or physical space in your plant. 

Our customized, fabricated products include:

  • Manual, automatic, brushless and oscillating spray headers
  • Spray lances- in a wide variety of configurations such as quick-release or bolt-on options – adapters, cooling jackets, ceramic linings, purge tubes, protective tubes and more.

If you have a challenging physical space, we can design custom-shaped towers or spray lances that twist, bend and/or turn. We can also manufacture very large spray headers or spray lances to meet special requirements.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your unique requirements and recommend solutions. Spraying Systems Co.’s complete offering addresses all aspects of spray technology.

Our Auto Jet Division manufactures automated systems for a wide variety of applications such as gas conditioning, tank cleaning and coating. Click on the link below for more information.

If you need spray nozzles or accessories, visit our website for an overview of our product line that includes more than 87,000 different spray products.

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