Corn hybrid crops from Pacific Seeds

Pacific Seeds Hybrid Corn varieties are engineered to adapt to hot, dry, tropical and sub-tropical regions.

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Pacific Seeds field corn varieties combine some of the most advanced genetics from around the globe to derive unique hybrids. The corn range has been engineered to adapt to hot, dry, tropical and sub-tropical regions. Each variety of corn boasts resistance to leaf blights, viruses, cob rots and a range of other diseases. PAC 301 delivers consistent high yields of quality grain

PAC 301 features outstanding agronomics and disease tolerance including resistance to leaf blight and rust
Good stalk and root strength and is harvested specifically for grain however PAC 301 can also be cut for quality silageThe new PAC 606 dual hybrid features outstanding yield for maturity

PAC 606 is ideal for silage and grain and is an excellent starter under cooler conditions
Large robust plant type with dark green foliage
Impressive northern leaf blight resistance rating and excellent stress tolerancePAC 624 is ideal for dryland growers and is designed for feed and grain applications

Features wider chopping window and high grain yields
High quality silage which is not affected by cool starts
Boasts large girthy cobs and good levels of staygreenPAC 607IT features the latest in I.T Technology for high yielding silage and grain

Delivers high returns for investment with consistent high yields
Features high dry matter production and produces large golden kernels
Impressive disease resistance to the likes cob rot, wallaby ear, northern leaf blight and morePAC 504 is a dual purpose hybrid for feed and grain

Features excellent stalk and root strength due to large robust plant type
Developed for fast growing conditions and performs best in mid to high yield environments
Ideal for application in central and southern NSW and VICPAC 735 is unique hybrid designed for feed, grain and grits

Robust and tall plant with excellent silage yields
Impressive topend grain yield
Excellent cob rot disease resistanceThe versatile range of corn hybrid varieties from Pacific Seeds delivers high resistance to common diseases which can cause considerable damage to crops.

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