Conveyor Systems by Richmond Wheels and Castors

Richmond’s materials handling machinery and bulk conveying equipment enable goods to be relayed in a


Richmond Wheels and Castors provide a range of Materials Handling Machinery including bulk conveying equipment, conveyor accessories and conveyor products.

Richmond Wheels and Castors Powered Flex Conveyors

  • Providing continuous flow of goods, this versatile and transportable conveyor reduces manual handling resulting in reduction in labour costs
  • Features include: castor brakes, adjustable legs, extension range from 685 1000mm and variable speed. Can be fitted easily and securely joined to other Richmond flex conveyors

Richmond Wheels and Castors Gravity Flex Conveyors

  • A versatile conveyor system capable of going around corners, configuring into an Shape
  • Product follows direction of conveyor for safe efficient movement of goods

Richmond Wheels and Castors Stainless Roller Flex Conveyors

  • Conveyor is fully constructed from stainless steel, making it perfect for food processing and the harsh demands of wash down style applications

Richmond Wheels and Castors Gravity Conveyors and Richmond Gravity Rollers

  • Gravity Rollers allow free moving, efficient and safe transportation of goods at any operational stage
  • Roller conveyors are ideal for moving heavy and non standard shape and shaped items along processing and packaging lines

Richmond Wheels and Castors Adjustable Conveyor Stands

  • Richmond Adjustable Conveyor Stands provide a rigid footing for Gravity Conveyors

Richmond Wheels and Castors Ball Transfers

  • Enable smooth simple transfer of flat objects in any direction, multi directional movement is essential where the need to move heavy loads is paramount

Carton Flow Rails

  • Ideal for warehouse storage and where line applications                

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