Contourecord and Surfcom by Carl Zeiss Metrology


Form and Surface Measuring Technology

The entire line of the contour and surface measuring machines feature a modular design. The machines are comprised of a base plate, a column, and a feeder. The systems can be equipped with a contour or roughness stylus-and-arm system, or upgraded later, depending on the measuring task. Furthermore, Y tables, Y driver units or CNC table can be mounted for fully automatic contour and surface measurements, enabling the systems to meet specific customer needs.

TIMS integrated software for form, contour and surface. TIMS facilitates the exchange of measurement data, e.g. from form or roughness analyses directly to contour analysis, in order to permit the evaluation of micro-contours according to specific requirements, for example. Typical features of contour analyses such as the calculation of radii, angles and gaps can be quickly and easily evaluated.

Systems are modular with various CNC table modules. Combine table modules: motorization of each axis to align and position the workpiece. Programming of fully automatic CNC measuring runs via the TIMS software platform

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