Confined Space Entry and Emergency Rescue Communications Systems from OTB Products

Confined Space Entry Kits and Emergency Rescue Communications Systems can be standard or tailor made for Confined Space Entries, USAR, Bomb Disposal


Life saving communications for the most dangerous industrial environments

The Con-Space Contractor Kit allows users to stay in touch every second with full duplex hands free communication. Designed to be used with SCBA, respirator masks, hoods and chemical suits, this confines space entry communication system delivers increased safety and productivity.

The SR65i Intrinsically Safe Radio Accessory fits most radios and can be used with SCBA, respirator masks, hoods and chemical suits.


  • Confined Space Entries
  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
  • Bomb Disposal
  • Domestic Preparedness
  • Tank cleaning
  • Shot blasting
  • Riveting (using high noise headsets)
  • Sewer inspection and maintenance
  • Fuel cell entries 

Hands free Emergency Rescue Communications Systems

  • Have crystal clear speech intelligibility
  • Have hands free in operation
  • Durable to handle the worst conditions
  • Perform tasks in confined spaces more efficiently and easily
  • The basic Contractor Kit is set up and operational in a couple minutes and communications are then continuous and totally secure (private)
  • Long lasting batteries that last for 200 hours on the mini module, 400 hours on the command module
  • All the equipment is Intrinsically Safe (IS) to the latest Global Standards and are able to be used in all explosive atmospheres
  • Purchase if you have regular requirements or Rental Hire for short term periodic plant maintenance

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