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MS Series Compressed Air Preparation Units from Festo  
The MS series from Festo has the complete answer when it comes to compressed air preparation units. The MS air preparation series covers all filtration levels to suit requirements from factory air lines to machine air line offering cost and design benefits for OEMs and end users.  All functions of air preparation are united into one product series that includes pressure regulators, on/off and soft start valves, filters, dryers, sensors and lubricators making it possible to find the right solution for every application.

With the introduction of the 90mm size in the MS9, the range is now complete with four different sizes.  The addition of MS9 completes the series with connection sizes ranging from G1/8” up to G2”.  

The highlight of the series is the modern function modules with integrated flow sensors, pneumatic safety modules and remote control facilities which offer the latest technology for a new dimension in air preparation.

All modules can be replaced without disassembling the entire system. The same is true for the replacement of filter elements, which are first loosened via the blue interlocking switch and can then be removed individually. During system operation, the fill levels can be read directly from the front through the sight glass, saving time when installing, maintaining and expanding the system.

Features of the MS series include:

  • High flow rates across 4 sizes
  • Combination of different sizes mounted together
  • Available as individual components, pre-assembled combination or ready to install complete solutions.
  • High precision aluminium die-cast housing
  • 5 filter stages including active carbon filters
  • Quick and reliable selection using free of charge configurator and downloadable CAD files
  • Simplifies ordering process with just one part number
  • Quick assembly and disassembly of service units

The key benefits of the series is the ability to combine multiple  components  together across multiple sizes  in just one assembled unit in order to maintain high flow even when fine filtration is required.

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