Comprehensive Spill Control Kits from Spill Station Australia

Spill control kits from Spill Station Australia include all the elements required to clear away high


Spill Station’s Spill Kits allow you to exercise due diligence and meet your environmental protection obligations by only using absorbents that meet EPA requirements.

Spill Station’s Spill Kits are deigned to assist in the rapid clean-up of spills ranging from 5 litres of acid to 2000 litres diesel.

Comprehensive hazchem chemical spill kits
Spill Station has a kit for every requirement ranging from a 10 Litre Battery Acid Spill Kit, 20 Litre and 50 Litre Hazchem Vehicle Spill Kits, 120 Litre and 400 Litre Onsite Hazchem Spill Kits to the 200 Litre Dangerous Goods and 870 Litre Large Scale Chemical Spill Response Kits.

  • Australian made high quality equipment
  • Full high viability labelling for easy use in an emergency
  • Colour coded equipment for rapid identification
  • Secure tamper evident seals

OH&S compliant fuel and oil spill kits
Spill Staion’s range of oil and spill kits include 190 Litre Marina Spill Kits, 20 Litre and 50 Litre Oil and Fuel Vehicle Spill Kits, 120 Litre and 400 Litre Onsite Oil and Fuel Spill Kits and large scale 770 Litre Fuel and Oil Spill Response Kits.

  • Contain high quality polypropylene microfibre absorbent for hydrocarbons, repelling water and water-based liquids
  • Designed for fast response with easy to identify and deploy material and equipment
  • Lockable wheels allows spill kit to be used in a multitude of locations, including sloped environments
  • Compact space saving design for every application

General purpose spill kits
Available from a compact 20 litre Truck Spill Kit all the way up to a 270 Litre Lo-rise Spill Kit and plenty of options in between including workshop and compact units.

  • Heavy duty spill containment brooms
  • 100% organic general purpose absorbent 
  • Highly effective personal protection equipment
  • Strong contaminated waste bags and ties

Specialised laboratory and body fluid spill kits
Spill station have developed Cytotoxic body fluid, biohazard, mercury and laboratory spill kits, there is also a sharps collection kit available.

  • Mitigate the dangers of dealing with body fluids
  • High grade personal safety equipment to minimise the risk of infection during spill clean up
  • Ideal for first aid rooms, shopping centres, schools, laboratories and medical environments
  • Absorbent powder suppresses fumes and can absorb up to 1 litre of concentrated liquid

With over 25 years experience and 26 standard spill kits available, Spill Station can help you to find the right spill kit to suit your specific requirements. Spill Kit training packages are also available free of charge and include a demonstration DVD  when you purchase a genuine Spill Station Spill Kit.

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