Comply with Regulatory Limits on Pollutant Emissions with Emissions Monitoring Equipment from SICK

SICK emissions monitoring sensors are ideal for industrial locations, power plants and steelworks, helping businesses comply with regulatory limits on pollutant emissions


SICK emissions monitoring sensors help to monitor the compliance with regulatory limits on pollutant emissions at industrial locations, power plants and incinerators as well as cement plants and steelworks. SICK sensors also ensure dust free air around smokestacks and uncongested road traffic.

Prevent highway incidents

  • Provide early warning of reduced visibility and prevent highway incidents
  • Regulate and control the flow of clean air in tunnels, improving visibility and safety

SICK’s comprehensive emissions monitoring equipment analyse dust, gas, gas velocity flow and water.

With Australia’s largest team of sensor specialists and a vast wealth of technical/ application experience, the most suitable emissions monitoring solution is ensured. SICK has joint ventures and exclusive distribution of world leading brands throughout Australia and New Zealand. SICK sensors are fully compliant with all major international standards.

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