Cold Storage Computers by Gamma Solutions

The LXE is a durable and rugged wireless computer with impact resistant screens for freezers and cold storage applications.

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Cold Storage Computers
LXE have a range of cold storage rugged mobile computers which are purposefully built for freezer and cold storage applications.

Both the LXE MX7CS and MX9CS are built to withstand temperatures of up to -30°C, designed with low temperature batteries, specialised heaters, and conformal coating, the LXE CS mobile computers adapt easily from the freezing temperatures of a cold storage facility to warmer staging and dock areas, even in the hot summer months.

With superior barcode scanning capabilities the LXE MX7 and MX9 barcode readers are the perfect solutions for cold chain logistics.

Features of the LXE MX7CS Cold Storage Handheld Scanners
10cm – 12m scanner
Drop test to 1.5 meters
Low temperature, full shift battery
Windows CE 5.0 Operating System
Easy grip and trigger for gloved operation
802.11 a/b/g radio and Bluetooth option, WiFi certified
Mappable keys to ease operation in refrigerated conditions
Visual and vibration scan conformation for noisy, difficult environments

Features of the LXE MX9CS Cold Storage Handheld Scanners

  • Low temperature, full shift battery
  • Windows CE 5.0 Operating System
  • All-range laser (102mm – 12m)
  • Drop test to 1.8 meters on concrete
  • Outdoor Display
  • Voice Picking Ready
  • GPS
  • IP67 rated for work in hazardous environments
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