Cog-Veyor Sprocket Driven Homogenous Hygienic Belting from Rydell Beltech Pty Ltd

Cog-Veyor – The clean belt alternative for heavy duty areas

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If you need hygiene and heavy duty performance from your solid homogenous conveyor belting with positive drive engagement, then Cog-Veyor is for you.

Cog-Veyor is available in white food grade polyester/urethane (PCW) and blue food grade urethane (PCB). Cog-Veyor is designed with heavy duty conveyors in mind. It excels as a replacement to modular belting in hygiene applications such as boning rooms and high impact processing of food and related items.

A range of thickness, hardness and embossed patterns are available, including a special multi-groove, easy clean, static reducing bottom surface.

Cog-Veyor Posi-Track Drive System
Rydell’s patent pending Lug drive System provides new potential for superior performance on your conveyor system. Bacteria free, easily cleaned, positive drive and straight line tracking eliminate excessive belt tension. Wandering, slipping belts and maintenance problems are a thing of the past.

Sprockets and idler wheels are available in safety orange or blue UHMW with ball bearing, hex, round or square bores. Recommended sprocket spacing to carry maximum working tension is 200mm.

The Ideal Conveyor Belt

  • Positive drive lugs in conveyor belt bottom side intermeshing with solid UHMW sprockets and idlers
  • Chemical, oil, water, abrasion and cut resistant
  • Temperature range -500 C to 110o C
  • Installed and repaired on site with simple and inexpensive tools
  • Can be laced or welded in minutes

Cog-Veyor Posi-Track System

  • Does not slip, run off track, needs no tension, stretch eliminated, safer running operation, no noise or lubrication, smooth running, maximum pulling power
  • Extremely tough, cleans easily, runs in extreme conditions
  • Considerable cost savings due to a simpe and basic design, providing reduced conveyor manufacturing time and maintenance along with inexpensive Raw food application approved (FDA, USDA Meat & Poultry, AQUIS, Canadian Dept
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