Coatings to Extend Tool Life of Form Tools

Sheetmetal Tooling Tech provide coatings to extend the life of form tools such as louvres, lance & forms and EKO’s.

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Ensuring maximum tool life is especially important on piercing form tools such as louvers, lance & forms and EKO . When the cutting edges of these tools dull, sharpening the tools can often be challenging due to the complex geometry of the cutting edge. In most cases the tools must be returned to the supplier to be sharpened, causing additional cost and expensive downtime.

Specialised coatings for the cutting components of forming tools

  • Coatings include Optima and Slip-Max, dependent on application
  • Designed to increase tool life and reduce material pick-up and galling
  • Increasing the number of hits produced before the tool needs to be sharpened improves productivity and reduces expensive machine downtime
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