CNC Complete Gages from Carl Zeiss

DuraMax is a complete CNC CMM gage system that is ideal for all manufacturing industries

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Made for simple production and setup, the DuraMax is a complete CNC CMM that ensures temperature stability and passive vibration damping.

Easy to use, the DuraMax can be loaded from three sides, offers practical stylus rack and has low space requirements to leave you more room to work. The gage also has an optional base for better positioning.

Complex Gage Replacement
The DuraMax gage seamlessly integrates into any production environment, saving you both time and costs, as well as ensuring no measuring lab is required.

  • Small footprint and easy set-up
  • Temperature stability up to +30ºC
  • User-friendly CALYPSO CAD-based software
  • Quick and accurate measurements with ZEISS VAST XXT scanning sensor
  • Measuring range (in mm) 500 x 500 x 500
  • Offers interface to Handysurf surface measuring instrument
  • Does not require compressed air
  • Faster, more accurate and reliable measuring

Manual Inspection Replacement Gage
The DuraMax gage has the ability to allow you to quickly and precisely measure, while also have the flexibility to react to any changes that occur in the machining and tooling industry.

  • Replacement for fixed, expensive gages
  • Flexibility for workpiece changes and different measuring tasks
  • Pays for itself in a very short time
  • More effective and economical than gages
  • Object-oriented programming allows for flexible measurement plans
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