CF Cartridge Filter from Au-Livic

CF Cartridge Filter from Au-Livic

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CF Cartridge Filters are designed for liquid precision filtration. The filter cartridges can effectively and efficiently remove micron impurities and bacterium. CF filters can be designed and manufactured to fit single or multiple cartridges depending on the flow rate and impurity content. Various high filtration efficiency cartridges are also developed by LIVIC to suit different process conditions. We offer the most suitable and cost-effective solution design to reduce the cartridge replacement frequency and maintenance time. The following 5 sub-series are available:

CFK Filter

Economical filter 鈹 Tri-clamp closure 鈹 Easy to operate 鈹 Suitable for conventional filtration 鈹 Low flow rate and low pressure.

CFS Filter

Sanitary filter 鈹 No sanitary dead corner 鈹 Easy disassembly for cleaning 鈹 Food grade inner polishing.

CFV Filter

Competent to the most demanding applications 鈹 Flanged lid and lifting davit 鈹 Reliable and durable 鈹 High pressure applicable

CFQ Filter

Swing bolt closure with lifting davit.

CFM Filter

High flow rate filter 鈹 Suit single or multiple MaxSEP series cartridge 鈹 Designed with high flowrate, high filtration rating and high dirt holding capacity 鈹 Horizontal or vertical configuration 鈹 Compact structure and easy to replace cartridge


  • Applicable Liquid: Water and low viscous liquids (1 – 500 cps)
  • Cartridge: MaxSEP, PolySEP, PesSEP, PtSEP, MeshSEP, FiberSEP, PorSEP, V-SEP, FineSEP, MicroSEP
  • Filtration Rate: 0.05-200 m
  • Cartridge Size: 10,20,30,40,60 inch
  • Standard Design Pressure: 0.6 Mpa / 1.0 Mpa
  • Housing Wet Part Material: 304 / 316L / CS
  • Outside Surface Finish: Bead Blasted
  • Inside Surface Finish: 120 Mesh Polishing (Standard), Food Grade Polishing, Halar Coating, PA11 Coating
  • Special Features: Double-leaf bayonet locking. 鈹 Resistant to hot water, steam sterilization or other hazardous liquids.


  • Applicable Industry: Fine chemicals, water treatment systems, plup and paper, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, machining, coatings, electronics etc.
  • Applicable Fluids: Wide applicability, all liquids contained micro-impurities etc.
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