Castors and Wheels for Demanding Applications from Richmond Wheels and Castors

Choose from a huge selection of superior quality castors and wheels to suit a multitude of purposes

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Richmond Wheels & Castors manufacture and import high
quality wheels and castors for all applications, ranging from shopfitting,
medical, aviation, mining, domestic and more. These durable and robust castors
and wheels have been designed to deliver consistent, long-term performance
across various industries.

High quality designs
provide increased durability and excellent economy

  • Available in a wide range of fitting and frame
    types. Choose from swivel or rigid, with plate, bolt hole or thread stem
  • Available with brake, directional lock, or
    swivel lock & brake.
  • Suitable for light duty, medium duty and heavy
    duty applications
  • Corrosion resistant for increased longevity
  • Hard wearing and will roll well over carpets,
    hard surfaces
  • Non-marking wheels are widely available

Extensive range of
castors to suit your specific requirements

  • Furniture castors to suit most office furniture, light duty cabinets, and display
  • Bed castors to
    suit all major bed manufacturers, available in swivel and glide.
  • Desk castors to
    add mobility to desks, utilizing a U Bracket design.
  • Designer castors for display in cafes, furniture stores, and homes.
  • Light duty castors, Utility Series are ideal for display equipment, light
    trolley applications, small fabricating and more. A true light-duty, general
    purpose hero. Load Capacities up to 70kgs per castor.
  • Medium Duty castors, Light Industrial Castors are ideal for mobile equipment, hospitals,
    nurseries, shops and general industry. The castor of choice for produce bins
    and market stalls. Load Capacities up to 125kgs per castor.
  • Heavy duty castors, 300kg Series are most commonly used for industrial and
    trolley applications, road cases and transportable crates, as well as showroom
    displays. A wide range of wheels are available, with huge load capacities up to
  • High capacity castors, Heavy Industrial Series are ideal for logistics, manufacturing,
    display, and exhibition services. Industry leading swivel lock & brake
    design. Load capacities up to 500kgs per castor.
  • Stainless steel castors are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, making them suited to
    wet environments such as medical use or laboratory equipment. Load capacities
    of up to 100kgs per castor.
  • Pneumatic castors are ideal for movement over uneven or rocky terrain, suited for use in
    nurseries, agricultural and more. Load capacities of up to 180kgs per castor.
  • Waste Bin Castors are suited to use on waste bins, and can be provided in kit format.
    Load Capacities of up to 500kgs per castor.
  • Towing castors are designed for airport ground support dollies, suitable for speeds up
    to 24kph. They can also be found in container handling areas, wharves and
    manufacturing plants. Load capacities of up to 2250kgs per castor.
  • High and low temperature castors are
    perfect for use in bakery applications, smoke houses, chillers or applications
    where temperature fluctuates from -30
    C to +350 C,
    with peaks up to 400
  • Self-aligning castors for AGVs, available on all 150mm and 200mm 300
    Series and Excel Series castors with a swivel, brake or directional lock. These
    castors will eliminate free-spinning of the swivel castor as the wheel becomes
    airborne in applications such as AGV trolley transportation in hospitals,
    factories, warehouses and more.
  • Low profile castors are suited for holding a high-weight capacity, without compromising
    overall height. Commonly used on manufacturing equipment, business equipment, electrical
    cabinets and more. Load Capacities of up to 600kgs per castor.

Incredible range of
wheels for all applications

  • Plastic Centered Pneumatic Wheels are suited to wet and damp environments,
    such as nurseries, agricultural equipment, and more. Load Capacities of up to
    200kgs per wheel.
  • Steel Centred Pneumatic Wheels are ideal for use in garden, industrial and
    agricultural equipment, as well as concrete mixers. Load Capacities of up to
    300kgs per wheel.
  • Puncture proof/flat-free/foam filled wheels have similar uses and capabilities to
    pneumatic wheels, but will never puncture, resulting in less down-time. Load
    capacities of up to 200kgs per wheel.
  • Rubber Tyred Nylon Centred Wheels are hard wearing and lightweight, with load
    capacities of up to 200kgs per wheel.
  • Rubber Tyred Cast Iron Centered Wheels are quiet and shock absorbing, while
    offering extra strength. Load capacities of up to 250kgs per wheel.
  • Institutional Rubber Wheels are non-marking, and ideal for hospitals, domestic use, school use, and
    light industrial applications. Load Capacities of up to 100kgs per wheel.
  • Anti-Static Rubber Wheels conform to AS 2050 1978, making these conductive wheels the best choice
    for surface resistivity. Load Capacities of up to 100kgs per wheel.
  • Rebound Rubber Wheels are non-marking, shock absorbing and quiet. Can be moved over uneven
    ground, and commonly used on waste bins, laundry trolleys, electrical equipment
    and more. Load Capacities of up to 350kgs per wheel.
  • Elastic Rubber Tyred Wheels are shock absorbing, and quiet. Load Capacities of up to 250kgs per
  • Cushion Rubber Wheels can withstand high impact, while also offering a soft ride. Load
    Capacities of up to 300kgs per wheel.
  • Solid Pneumatic Wheels are towable up to 24KPH and ideal for tarmac use. Load Capacities up to
    1050kgs per wheel.
  • Rebound Polyurethane Wheels are softer than a normal tyre, and can be combined with stainless steel
    bearings for clean rooms. Load Capacities up to 300kgs per wheel.
  • Solid Polyurethane Wheels have a Shore D Scale hardness of 64, with quiet operation and low
    rolling resistance. Suitable for medical and food industries. Load Capacities
    up to 350kgs per wheel.
  • Polyurethane Tyred, Nylon Centred Wheels are manufactured from injection moulded
    polyurethane, utilizing a nylon hub. Load Capacities of up to 600kgs per wheel.
  • Polyurethane Tyred Cast Iron Centred Wheels boast a Shore Scale hardness from 60A to
    75D. Load Capacities up to 5000kgs per wheel.
  • Drive Wheels consist
    of Shore Scale 85A polyurethane tyres with a cast iron centre.
    Capacities up to 5000kgs per wheel.
  • High/Low Temperature wheels are suitable for use in extreme temperature environments. Load
    Capacities of up to 600kgs per wheel.
  • Solid Nylon Wheels are high wearing, and simple to maintain. They are durable and
    constructed from high quality virgin nylon. Load Capacities of up to 500kgs per
  • Cast Iron & Spheroidal Graphite Wheels are suited to high capacity applications.
    Load capacities of up to 5000kgs per wheel.
  • Track Wheels are
    available in single and double flange,as well as beam trolley, V groove, C
    Groove & Rope Groove. Suitable for use on railway lines. Load capacities of
    up to 4000kgs per wheel. 
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