Cable Testers from Altronic Distributors

ltronic Distributors offer a range of cable testers for combination, network and LAN cables.

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Altronic Distributors offer a range of cable testers for
combination, network and LAN cables. Each cable tester has varying suitability
to enable efficiency and effective testing of cables.

D3020 Combination DMM & LAN Cable Tester

The Combination DMM & LAN cable tester includes all the
features of a standard digital multimeter with the addition of a LAN
tester. This tester is a solution for
network installers and IT technicians and is an ll-in-one .

This multimeter is an auto ranging design that measures:

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Resistance

Includes a max reading recall function, plus data hold as
well as dual RJ45 sockets.

D3006 Cable Tester For Networks

Ideal for testing LAN cables quickly and effectively. This
cable tester is ultra-compact and instantly displays the status of all cable

Ideal for use in identifying:

  • Shortened pins
  • Straight cable
  • Crossover cable

Easy for troubleshooting connections and suits most common
network configurations.

Q1340 Professional Cable Tracer & LAN Cable Tester

This cable tracer and network cable tester in one convenient
unit. The tracer unit and network cable work together to identify the correct

It features:

  • Single or dual tone
  • Headphone jack
  • Adjustable volume
  • Quick cable identification
  • Confirms integrity of patch leads and field
  • Supplies a host of test leads and adaptors

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