Cable Tensioners from Treotham Automation

Safe and hygienic Cable Tensioners to improved food production standards and quality.


High performance Cable Tensioners from Treotham Automation adheres to FDA quality and conforming standards.

Focused on hygiene safety and engineered intelligence, Treotham improves productivity with solutions that are cohesive to stringent food industry standards to protect your operations.

Intelligent anti-microbial Igus range for increased food safety

  • Noticeable by metal detectors, detectable polymers are suitable for safe and residue free food production
  • Safety first, plain and rolling bearings with lubricant free polymer avoid potential contamination through oils and greases
  • Producible with FDA-conforming materials that are classified as suitable for food contact for certified safety standards
  • Effective resilience to bacteria, viruses, mould growth and are chemical resistant for complete food production hygiene

Rotary table bearings Iglidur with FDA-conforming polymer

  • No lubricant required polymer rotary table bearings for contamination free production
  • Stainless steel bearing of the PRT 01 design for corrosion free durability
  • Produced from FDA standardised A180 special polymer for safe contact with humidity and food
  • Sliding elements between inner and outer ring constructed from A180 for increased safety
  • Low profile and hard wearing polymer rotary table bearings design can replace lubricated ball bearing rotary tables or rotary connections for lubricant free maintenance

High quality food safe polymer rotary table bearings are available inner diameter 200 mm and Igus can be pre- assembled with connecters for immediate integration.

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