Brevini Hydraulic and Custom Made Winches

A variety of winches available for a range of applications. Product range includes Brevini winch hoisting and recovery solutions, Pullmaster and Custom made winches.

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Brevini supply a range of winches and winching accessories for mining, automotive, conveying, drilling and marine applications.

The Winches range includes Brevini Winch Hoisting and Recovery solutions, Pullmaster and custom made winches.

Versatile Brevini Winch Hoisting

  • Choose from 4 types of lifting winches available the EGO, BW, BWF and BWM
  • Each winch hoisting unit has varying maximum line pulls ranging from 1,000kg to 7,000kg
  • Designed for a variety of applications these winches also have a range of accessories available

Lightweight Brevini Winch Recovery

  • The RAPTOR-BWT series are light, compact hydraulic winches for tow truck manufacturers ranging from 2,500 to 6,000 kg
  • These units have been installed with integrated negative lamellar brakes and a manual declutch system
  • Accessories such as rope guides and pressure rollers are available for these particular winches

High quality Pullmaster Winches

  • Canadian made, Pullmaster Planetary winches are medium pressure
    hydraulic winches 
  • Automatic disc brake which has both
    static and dynamic brake functions
  • Four basic types of Pullmaster winches available including equal speed, free fall, rapid reverse and recovery

Custom Winches provide unique solutions and are designed for reliability and long service life

  • Custom made winches can be designed, engineered and manufactured depending on customers requirements
  • Typically hydraulic or electric powered  winches are supplied but they can also be air powered

Brevini can design winch solutions for a number of specialised applications, options include motor controls, rotary limit switches, clutches, cable tensioners, grooved drums and a variety of marine survey certifications are available.

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