Body Worn Police Security Camera

The very latest advance in personal HD camera security HD-05 body worn camera.

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The very latest advance in personal HD camera security HD-05 body worn camera. With incredible video and audio recording quality, this one touch camera is ideal for Police, Security and Insurance Investigators. Make no mistake this IP67 rated camera is not just robust but totally waterproof. That’s correct this body worn security camera can be totally water submerged even whilst its recording.


  • Real time HD video at 2304 x 1296P Resolution
  • Completely waterproof
  • 2-21 Megapixel still picture recording
  • Audio in sync with video
  • Makes for an ideal dash cam
  • IR night vision up to 10m with Lazer pointer
  • 5cm (2″) colour LCD monitor
  • Password and ID protection
  • 16-64GB Internal memory
  • Long term rechargeable battery capacity
  • Charging and docking station
  • Car Cigarette lighter power adapter
  • PC USB interface lead and charging cable
  • Ambarella A7LA50 Chipset
  • 2400mAH Lithium Rechargeable battery

What are some of the other features:

Police Cam is a body worn high definition video recording device specially designed with Law Enforcement in mind. It can record at an extra high 1226P HD resolution which surpasses that of other similar body worn cameras. The camera resolution can be altered to suit and at medium resolution the 32GB of internal memory can store up to 128 hours of recording. Clearly the higher the resolution to more memory it requires but the point is its all selectable from the camera menu. All recordings are time and date stamped of course and digitally watermarked for authenticity.

Strong and lightweight the camera is designed to be shirt pocket carried (clips provided) and with a simple one button press, the camera will vibrate upon activation and a short audio message will let the user know that it is in fact recording without the need to personally look at the camera. The same applies to other functions including night vision. It’s not necessary to enter into the camera menu to switch on IR/LED night vision. A one button press can do it all in an instant and that includes a lazer pointer so the officer can see exactly where the camera is aimed in complete darkness other otherwise.

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