Barcode Printers, Scanners, Readers, Handhelds, Wireless Access Points And Wireless Infrastructure.


Gamma Solutions is a leading supplier of barcode printers, barcode scanners, barcode readers, handhelds, wireless Access points and wireless infrastructure in Australia.
We can supply and install the latest in barcode data collection equipment as well as design custom software to suit your individual requirements

Gamma Solutions is an Intermec Honour Partner and the largest reseller in Australia of Intermec scanners, Intermec Printers, Intermec readers, Intermec Vehicle mount units, Intermec handhelds and Intermec mobile computers.

We are also a supplier of Cisco Access Points, Cisco wireless infrastructure, PSC scanners, Zebra printers, Loftware, Seagull’s Bartender and other data collection software and equipment.

Gamma Solutions consistently delivers more toward the speedy ROI of your data collection equipment and systems, using the latest technologies and information.

Our Professional Services cover:
• Service Repairs and Maintenance
• Guaranteed Wireless Site Surveys
• Wireless Network Installation
• RFID Process Analysis
• RFID Site Analysis
• RFID Installation

Differentiating Features
• Service Repairs and Maintenance

We can arrange the repair of your equipment at our service centre or we can offer you an on-site service in all major capital cities. When you call us in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney or Brisbane, you talk to a Gamma Solutions Service Engineer who is experienced in repairing, configuring and staging your mobile infrastructure. We are able to offer preventative care and maintenance service plans to ensure that your equipment is performing at its optimum.

Other Details
• Guaranteed Wireless Site Surveys

Our trained Service Engineers will survey your site to determine the number, location and type of wireless access points and other wireless network components required to provide optimal RF coverage in the areas that you specify as needing coverage.

If required, and as an additional service, we will also measure signal leakage – how far the signal propagates beyond the perimeter of the physical premises – to assess the risk for unauthorized access. In addition, we can coordinate with you the optimal network security policies and procedures, access point and client device configurations, as well as conduct searches for rogue access points. You will receive a written report of our findings and recommendations.

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