Barcode Computers, Scanners and Printers for Retail Stores from Gamma Solutions

Enhance your customer service with retail specific technology from Gamma Solutions


As online stores become more popular, today’s retail market faces challenges in how they choose to compete with other retailers. Customer service is now a large part of a good retail experience and it is the essential ingredient used to gain and maintain customer loyalty.

Online stores may be able to offer competitive prices but where they fail, is by not being able to deliver human interaction and go that extra mile to accommodate a customers needs.

Gamma Solutions are industry experts in providing retail stores with the essential tools to maximise customer experiences. They provide the latest technology to improve operations both on the shop floor and within the warehousing environments through greater visibility of stock and lowered costs.

Mobile computers from Gamma solutions can assist customers with a range of queries including detailed product information, inventory location within the store and availability at other stores or within the distribution centre.

There are a variety of product options available dependant on your business needs such as mobile computers, scanners and printers.

Mobile computers are popular amongst managers and sales personnel, as they are able to spend more time on the shop floor interacting with customers, whilst still having the ability to check and respond to other administrative duties.

Gamma Solutions provide the following technologies:

  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Bar Code Computers
  • Barcode Mobile Printers
  • Wireless Infrastructure (Wi-fi)

Improving customer relationships and boosting profitability is only the beginning of the benefits these solutions can bring. Other applications and uses include:        

  • Inventory Management
  • Price Management including
  • markdowns
  • Store Transfers
  • Employee Training
  • Gift Registry
  • Ordering of stock
  • Information terminals for
  • customer assistance
  • Receiving goods
  • Customer returns
  • Demand Management
  • Stock Locations
  • Work in progress tracking


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