Burkert Flow Meters

Burkert flow meter range include continuous flow, electromagnetic flow transmitters, full bore magmeters and positive displacement sensors.

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Features of Burkert Flow Meters

8035 Continuous Flow Transmitters

  • The 8035 continuous flow transmitters are a general use device for neutral to slightly aggressive solid free liquids, and operates with a paddle wheel
  • With a measurement range from 0.5 -1200 l/min, this flow meter device is suitable for temperatures -15°C to 100°C and carries IP65 protection class. Fitting orifice DN06 – 65

8045 Electromagnetic Flow Transmitters

  • The 8045 electromagnetic flow transmitters (magmeter) operate as a transmitter or on/off controller
  • The magmeter is available with a PVDF sensor and a stainless steel sensor for pressures up to 16 bar
  • The magmeter is fitted with 4-20mA output, a pulse rate output, relay output
  • Control parameters can be programmed by a straight forward push button assembly, with automatic calibration and teach in function
  • The flow meter unit offers IP65 protection class and is suitable for pipe orifice sizes DN 06 to 400

8055 Full Bore Magmeters

  • The 8055 full bore magmeter is also suitable for continuous and batch control in sanitary (0.25 to 280 m3/h) low flow (250 to 12,500 l/h) and general purpose (18 to 280 m3/h) versions

8071 Positive Displacement Sensors

  • The 8071 positive displacement sensor is suitable for highly viscous fluids, running at 0.5 to 500 l/h with a low flow sensor suitable for continuous measurement and batch control
  • This ‘Oval Gear’ flow meter is highly reliable and accurate, with exceptional repeatability over a wide range of viscosities and flowrates
  • The flow meter device’s low pressure drop and high pressure rating (55 bar in stainless steel and 550 bar on request) make it suitable for both gravity and pump (in-line) applications

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