Burkert Control Globe, Angle Seat and Diaphragm Valve Systems

Burkert control valve types for general purpose and sanitary applications

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Bürkert angle seat valves, globe valves and diaphragm valves are available in Classic (with Bürkert’s black ‘grenade’ actuator) and ELEMENT (all stainless steel IP65/67).  

All valves are available with on/off, modulating and process control with PID capability.

Burkert angle seat, diaphragm and globe valves use minimal compressed air

  • Use a fraction of compressed air, compared to competitor valves – save money
  • Rated for at least 5 million cycles – long life
  • Integrated air channels, no external tubing and IP65/67 protection in ELEMENT valves – no leaks
  • On/off actuation standard, proportional (modulating) control valves use standardised control heads
  • Unlimited feedbacks, optional network interfaces including with full PID
  • Fast delivery – modular concept for excellent pricing and  availability

Angle Seat Valves 
Robust 2/2 way valve for media up to +180°C and 16 bar, with DN 13-65. Suitable for liquid and gas processes, including steam. Stainless steel or gun metal body material, options with FDA approval.

Globe Valves
2/2 way globe valve for media up to +180°C and 16 bar, with DN 10-100. Stainless steel valves with threaded, weld or flange connections.

Diaphragm Valves
Diaphragm type valves in 2/2 way and multiport configuration, in general purpose or sanitary versions with FDA approvals. Range of diaphragm materials to suit all applications. Manual or pneumatic actuation, with control options.

Control heads for control valves
All angle seat, diaphragm and globe valves are designed to easily assemble with accessories including stroke limiters, feedbacks, positioners or full process controllers. As components in fast and truly decentralised control systems, Bürkert valves integrate programming ‘brains’ with process control ‘brawn’ to measure your process and do something about it. Controllers are available for direct mount or remote positioning, and are network ready.  

On/off controllers

  • Integrated pilot valve and micro/proximity switch feedbacks
  • Optional ASi or DeviceNet interface
  • Super bright LED status indication – visible from 20+ meters
  • Automatic one-button commissioning and set up

Modulating control

  • Analogue position feedback
  • Digital input and outputs
  • LED status indication
  • Positioner andprocess controller
  • Profibus and DeviceNet interfaces
  • Automatic one-button commissioning and set-up

Control valves for all industries
Bürkert control valves come in a variety of materials and finishes, for different environments and conditions. These valves have proven history in international and Australian industry, with thousands of water, chemical, dairy, mineral processing, food and more processes served.

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