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Automation equipment from SICK offers industrial sensor technology

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Sensor Technology
SICK is a
world leading sensor manufacturer with over 50 years of innovation and
development and have the right sensor for virtually every industrial
application. Australia’s largest team of sensor specialists, with a
vast wealth of technical/ application experience.

SICK has
joint ventures and exclusive distribution of world leading brands
throughout Australia and New Zealand. SICK’s fully equipped workshop
facility with factory trained service and technical engineers provides
fast, reliable service and custom built solutions for special

SICK’s Automation Equipment
SICK’s range of automation equipment includes:

  • Industrial Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Capacitive Sensors
  • Complex Sensors, Distance Sensors and Inductive Sensors
  • Photoelectric Switches, Light Grids, Multi Dimensional/ Multi Functional Sensors
  • Tunnel Sensors, Gas Velocity and Dust Measurement Sensors
  • Analysers and Analysis Systems for Monitoring Processes and Emissions
  • Automation Sensors, Sensor Systems Plugs, Connectors, Sensor Cables
  • Point of Operation, Safety Access Equipment and Hazardous Area Sensors
  • Industrial Safety Systems, Safety Interlocks, Photoelectric Sensors
  • Auto Identification Solutions, Data Transmission Systems, Laser Measurement Systems, Handheld Scanners, Stationary Barcode Scanners

$3 million in stock at our central warehouse and
weekly deliveries from overseas ensures Australia wide delivery on
standard products usually within 24 hours.

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