Automation Light Grids from SICK

Automation Light Grids from SICK

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Two-dimensional inspection or counting tasks are
important in automation. SICK automation light grids can be used in a number of these solutions, such as
detecting and counting irregularly shaped objects, people and vehicles, and
checking for presence and pallet overhang detection. The tasks are so versatile
that one light grid cannot fulfil the requirements of every application. Light
grids from SICK offer multiple ranges, heights, sizes, orientations, and
resolutions which simplify integration through high flexibility and

Measuring automation light grids

For demanding requirements

Measuring automation light grids
are ideal for complex applications, and they come in several different beam separation options, a range of
detection heights and output configurations. These light grids can be used for material handling on conveyors,
automated storage and retrieval system applications, order fulfilment, and more.
For example, in pallet verification applications, maximum height and pallet
overhang can be measured. This data can be
forwarded to the PLC via bus systems.

Switching automation light grids

Switching light
grids from SICK for a variety of applications

Switching light grids from SICK are equipped with various technologies
and can be used in a variety of
applications: the detection and counting of irregular objects, presence and
protrusion monitoring, and all this in very different installation situations
or environmental conditions. Whether the application requires small beam
separations, high ambient light immunity, large ranges, varying monitoring
heights or very thin housing dimensions, the switching light grids will meet
your requirements.

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