Automatic Backflushing Filter for Process Technology from Hydac

Robust design, low-maintenance backflushing filter

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The automatic back-flush filter AutoFilt RF3 is a self-cleaning system for extracting particles from low-viscosity fluids.
In process technology, the automatic back-flushing filter, AutoFilt RF3 series, has been highly successful.

Its flow-optimized design is impressive. It has the further advantage of conical, slotted tube filter elements in stainless steel which provide consistent flow characteristics, optimum filtration and unbeatable “ideal” filtration and back-flushing characteristics.

Thanks to automatic back-flushing, the filter is cleaned independently without interrupting the ongoing filter operation.
The HYDAC AutoFilt RF3 is therefore very low-maintenance. Its robust design, specially developed for retrofitting, makes installation in both existing and new systems fast and cost-effective. Numerous operators of power stations, district heating, sewage treatment plants and manufacturing plants have relied on this dependable filter for many years.


  • Isokinetic filtration and back-flushing thanks to conical filter elements
  • Fewer back-flush cycles
  • Minimal losses of back-flush fluid
  • Pulse-aided back flushing
  • Small back-flushing quantities due to cyclic control
  • Compact dimensions with high filtration performance and low pressure drop
  • Variable filter isometry
  • User-adjustable control parameters
  • Static sealing
  • Ready-to-operate unit


  • Extends the service life of the filters downstream  
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Increases process reliability by thoroughly removing sand particles prior to the membrane filtration process
  • Small space requirement
  • Flexible design
  • Self-cleaning robust stainless steel filter elements
  • No recurring charges
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Economical

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