Autec Rice Ball Sushi Machines by Sushi Machines

Rice balls that are produced by Nigiri rice ball robots have uniform shapes and textures. These machines are fast, accurate and reliable.

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Automatic Sushi Chef Machines

Great time and care is taken to create the rice ball by a Sushi Chef for Nigiri and Gunkan.

After the rice ball has been formed, the Chef places a delicious Neta (Sushi Topping) to finish the sushi. The training of the sushi Chef is centered on how well he forms this rice ball (Shari Dama) and the speed.

The Autec ASM 410CE can replace 5 sushi Chefs easily because of it’s efficient and precise sushi rice ball production working at up to 2,400 pcs per hour with the Sushi Machine.

Precise, accurate sushi rice ball production
The Autec ASM 410CE sushi processing machine is the modern way to create sushi rice ball production saving time and money. 

  • The ASM 410 is a light weight table top Nigiri Rice Ball machine
  • High speed – it can produce 2,400 pcs per hour either in full automatic continuous production or single rice ball on demand
  • Simple dis-assembly and assembly and can be used by Kitchen Hand or Junior staff.Rice balls has consistent shape and texture (softness) with less rough edges
  • Accurate and professional looking rice ball formation
  • Saves time and money and reduces staff production

Automatic Sushi Machines’ Conveyor Belt System

The backroom of a Kaiten (Conveyor Belt Sushi Shop) has many Sushi equipments to support Sushi Rice production such as the ASM 780CE/ ASM 730CE Rice Mixer or Vinegar Mixer, and Maki or Norimaki cutter while the front line has the ASM 410CE, ASM 880CE Maki machine, ASM 865CE Rice Sheeter and of course the Sushi Machine conveyor belt system if it’s a Kaiten Sushi Restaurant. 

This sushi processing equipment is so fast that even the expert Chef cannot keep up with it as the expertise of making rice ball using this machine does not require long hours of training.

All machines are OH&S and WHS Certified.

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