Autec Maki and CE Certified Sushi Machines by Sushi Machine

Sushi robots can produce a number of different kinds of sushi rolls, of different lengths, with a variety of fillings, quickly and expertly.

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Automatic Sushi Chef Machines

The Autec ASM 880CE, made by Audio-Technica, is highly efficient sushi processing equipment that does not rely on the skill of the operator.
It is capable of producing Hosomaki, Chumaki and Futomaki size norimaki rolls which are either Tatemaki or Yokomaki length.

Sushi Processing Machines

Made to Japanese standards and Certified to European CE Standard (230V ac), ASM 880CE sushi roll machines can produce hand rolls (Half Roll) or sliced rolls (Long rolls sliced into several pieces).
Various type of filling can be used including:

  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Prawns
  • Vegetables
  • California

Quality Service and Product
Autec in Australia and New Zealand stand out above their competitors due to their good value for money pricing, service, attention to customers needs and the overall technical design of the sushi roll machines.

High efficiency, professional sushi roll production

  • Sushi Makers features smooth clean line design, easy to clean 
  • High effeciency rate of production- only 7~8 seconds for rice sheeting and 5 seconds for rolling
  • Self-positioning error correction
  • Full comprehensive training provided from JAS Sushi 
  • Award winning sushi wholesalers since 1999
  • Produces Hosomaki, Chumaki and Futomaki size norimaki rolls
  • Made to high Japenese standards and Certified to European CE Standard (230V ac)
  • Versatile, various many types of filling can be used

Sushi Machines Automatic Sushi Machines prices include delivery, installation, commission and training on-site.

Free Sushi Machine Demonstrations
They have various customers in WA, SA, Victoria, Queensland and NSW and many have become friends who would be willing to ‘show/demonstrate’ their machines to new players.

Sushi Machine serve the “Big Boys” as well as small operators with the same attention and care.

Australian Sushi Equipment
Sushi Machine is the Exclusive Australia and New Zealand wide Agent for Autec and participate in Fine Food Exhibitions in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

All machines are OH&S and WHS Certified.

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