All Industry Wieland Electric Industrial Monitoring System

Protecting against dangerous machine or sudden system movement using zero-speed technology.

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Providing safety to all workers using systems that could produce an unexpected movement. The Wieland Electric SNS 4084K provides peace of mind, access to any dangerous machine parts will only be granted once movement no longer places anyone at risk or danger. 

Zero-Speed Safety-Oriented Monitor by Weiland 

  • The device also has inputs for a restart inhibit and a start override
  • The zero-speed monitor is only 22.5 mm wide 
  • It can be used in safety-oriented applications up to PL e (Category 4) according to EN ISO 13849-1 or SILCL 3 according to EN 62061
  • The limit frequency to be monitored is adjustable between 0.1 and 99

The Zero-Speed can be used with any machine drive technology, this is money saving as it will be able to retrofit in existing machines or systems. Safe, straightforward and easy to install, the Zero-Speed is cutting edge in safety monitoring for all industries. 

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