Advanced Speed and Position Measurements with Motor Feedback Systems

Intelligent SICK sensor technology and Motor Feedback Systems advances electrical drive engineering.

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Advancing sensor capability with an all-inclusive solution that offers reliable measure of speed and position, SICK Motor Feedback Systems lead electrical drive engineering innovation.

Intelligent designs, Motor Feedback Systems are suitable for low-end, midrange, high-end to all performance classes for capacitive, optical and multi-turn technologies.

SICK Motor Feedback Systems have flexible capabilities with innovative mechanical and electrical interfaces such as HIPERFACE and HIPERFACE DSL to meet demands of industrial automation processes.

Speed and position measurement with superior accuracy

  • Motor Feedback System Rotary Incremental with Commutation: Available in models CKS36 and CFS50, with up to 2,048 and 65,536 lines per rev resolution respectively and signals as per EIA 422
  • Motor Feedback System Rotary HIPERFACE: Comprehensive range of performance models from 16 to 1,024 sine/cosine periods per rev to suit requirements with HIPERFACE interface
  • Motor Feedback System Rotary HIPERFACE DSL: Options of EKS/EKM36 with compact and hard wearing SIL2-certified design offering up to 20 bit resolution per rev
  • Motor Feedback System Rotary Incremental: VFS60 model available with individual programming of TTL, HTL or sine 0.5V interface options and with 65,536 lines per rev resolution
  • Motor Feedback System Linear HIPERFACE: Model options of TTK70 and TTK50 for measured lengths of up to 4m and 1m respectively. Non-contact design for linear motors with rapid 10m/s transverse speeds

Designed for temperature resilience with high resolution and electronic type labelling, Motor Feedback solutions are certified to SIL2 standards in line with EN ISO 13849 requirements.

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