Accelerometers for Shock, Seismic, Vibration and Speed Measurements

婤estech Sensors and Teaching Equipment offer high performance sensing and monitoring systems for applications across a wide range of industries.

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Bestech Sensors and Teaching Equipment offer high
performance sensing and monitoring systems for applications in aerospace,
energy, defence, industrial and laboratory testing as well as automotive,
transportation and agricultural industries.

The Piezoresistive Accelerometers are designed for high
frequency and high g shock measurement

  • Versatile due to their frequency and dynamic
    range capabilities
  • Widely used in automobile safety testing
    including anti-lock braking system, safety air-bags and traction control system
  • Suitable for use in weapon testing and seismic
  • Converts mechanical strain to a DC output

Piezoelectric Accelerometers are made of piezoceramics,
single crystals or, for high temperature operation, tourmaline or lithium
niobate featuring high frequency and temperature range whilst remaining low
weight in package.

Ideal for measuring absolute vibration and used in
scientific and industrial applications as predictive maintenance, aerospace,
automotive, medical and process control

  • Extremely wide dynamic range, low output of
  • Excellent linearity over dynamic range
  • Acceleration signal can be integrated to provide
    velocity and displacement
  • Highly sensitive with a wide frequency range
  • Self-generating with no external power required

IEPE/Voltage mode accelerometers feature an integral
electronic impedance converter eliminating the need for an external charge

  • Operating temperature range of -55 C to 288 C
  • Special purpose models are available for extreme
    environments of 269 C to as high as 760 C
  • Ability to drive long cables with minimal
    distortion and noise pick-up

Variable Capacitance (VC) Accelerometers typically include
mechanical components and detect interface circuit

  • Manufactured using silicon microfabrication
  • Possess high sensitivity, low power consumption
    and excellent linearity
  • Units are independent of temperature
  • Highly accurate and rugged
  • Available in eight standard ranges of 2g to 400g
    with a wide range of full-scale sensitives

Piezoelectric Microphones are transducers used to convert
acoustic sound into an electric signal. The microphones are used with high
frequency sound finding applications in noise, vibration and harshness testing,
pass-by noise testing, environmental noise, appliance noise evaluation as well
as a number of other testing applications.

Piezoelectric Microphones offer easy plug-in installation
and insensitivity to altitude changes and ambient vibration

  • Directly compatible with Isotron (IEPE) signal
  • Lower overall per channel measurement cost
  • Simple construction and repairable diaphragm
  • Low profile surface microphone, ideal for
    measuring wind-induced noise on ground and airborne vehicles
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