Abrasives and Metal Finishing Solutions from Suhner Australia

Polishing equipment designed for a wide range of applications


Suhner Rotomax flexible drive polishing systems enable the use of a range of tool options that are light weight but offer over double the power of any electric hand tool.

Reduce operator fatigue

  • Very low operating noise
  • Low vibration
  • As well as high flexibility resulting in low operator fatigue

Polishing systems for a range of applications
Suhner Rotomax is ideally suited to polishing all shapes of stainless steel and aluminium profiles used in:

  • Commercial Kitchen equipment and fit out,
  • Architectural Metalwork
  • Balustrades,
  • Shop Fitting
  • As the motor is separate from the tool holder, Suhner Rotomax Flexible Drive Machines enable the use of water cooling through the tool head. This means they are ideal for;
  • Glass polishing   Artist and commercial
  • Stone polishing work top, Monumental Masonry, Architectural stone
  • Concrete Grinding

Other applications include engine porting and alloy wheel polishing which is easy with the small diameter of the flexible shaft.

Suhner Rotoset and Minifix

The Suhner Rotoset flexible shaft grinder
and polisher and its smaller sibling, the Minifix, are multi-purpose power
tools with a large selection of attachments that make them ideal for use across
a range of materials for:

  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Roughing
  • Cutting
  • Brushing and polishing
  • Tool and pattern making
  • Engine porting and
  • Assembly work

Key Features/Benefits

  • High performance machines
  • Offer considerable user versatility
  • Powerful universal, double insulated electric
  • Deliver a constant speed, even under full
  • Speed adjustment between 11,800 and 25,000
  • Easy to use
  • 3 metre power cord
  • Robust and sturdy metal frames
  • Quick change hand pieces
  • Suitable for suspended or portable use

Rotoset 25R

  • 1050W
  • 7mm Shaft Capacity
  • Rotoset Kit available with 7x2000mm shaft,
    FH7 straight tool holder and WIG7 115mm angle grinder attachments all in a
    steel carrying case

Minifix 25R

  • 500W
  • 4mm Shaft Capacity
  • Minifix Kit available with 4x1200mm shaft,
    FH4 straight tool holder in a steel carrying case

Other Attachments 


  • WB7
    fine belt grinding 3 to 19mm width (520mm belts)
  • WI7 900 high-speed head
  • WI7-45 450 high-speed head


  • WI4 High-speed angle head 900 for very
    tight spots.
  • WB4
    fine belt grinding for 3 to 12mm belt width. (305mm belts)
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