3D Printing Services from 3D Systems Asia-Pacific

3D Systems offers 3D printing services for creating many prototypes from a range of materials


3D Rapid Prototyping (RP) uses ink jet for printing layers on material.

Recent updates to this printing technology have allowed parts to be fabricated from a variety of composite materials. Printing parts with physical and mechanical units is now available.

3D Printers for Models and Prototypes
3D Systems offer a range of 3D printers for building models and prototypes with many materials, varying friction coefficients, ultra thin walls, rubber like seals, living hinges and shock absorption.

3D Systems’ printing services can recreate fine detail definition and a range of hard and soft rubber like materials with medical grade material optional.

Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
The latest in Rapid Prototyping utilising superior 3D additive manufacturing for developing practical metal parts that are built layer by layer from powdered metals.

Parts that include free form surfaces, hollowed internal units and lightweight honeycomb structures are suitable for SLM technology. Industries include medical, dental through to aerospace, engineering and electronics.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Parts are created layer by layer, suitable for extreme heat and chemical resistant applications.

Selective Laser Sintering is also useful for additive manufacturing. ColourFast SLS is available from 3D Systems which provide permanent surface colouring for SLS units.

Stereolithography (SLA) Rapid Prototyping for Plastic Modelling
Using 3D CAD, a part is developed layer by layer in a unit of liquid polymer that is hardened by a laser beam.

  • Stereolithography creates precise parts with complex geometries
  • Sanding is an option for a smooth finish
  • Can be painted, making it suitable for architectural models, design validation, form and fitment and secondary tooling patterns

3D Systems Asia-Pacific’s Commitment to you
3D Systems always strives to provide up to date technology, materials and services to all customers through their 3D rapid prototyping facilities in Australia, New Zealand and China.

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