100% Recycled Paperboard Pallets from PACKSPEC

The best alternative choice to wood are Paperboard Pallets which are 100% recycled, stronger, hygienic and ideal for containerised exporting.

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Paperboard Pallets are rapidly becoming the latest shipping solution as key exporters around the world seek low cost, high strength and hygienic palletising alternatives to wood.

Increasingly, a high number of developed countries are requiring all imported containers that contain wooden pallets be either fumigated at the point of dispatch, or that alternative pallet handling materials to be used instead of wood.

The process of fumigation in itself may very well have the potential to contaminate some cargos and it is a costly process. In addition to this compliance it is also very cumbersome in terms of the extra administration, paperwork and attention to detail required so as to ensure fast release from local Customs and Quarantine services.

100% recycled cardboard pallets

  • PACKSPEC 100% Recycled Cardboard Pallets are a breakthrough in modern cardboard construction technology
  • Combining strong solid board corner protectors with a patented honeycombing system, PACKSPEC Paper Pallets are capable of bearing 2000kg static weight
  • PACKSPEC Cardboard Pallets have been tested under all conditions: Temp 50’C, Humidity 90% and Load Bearing Weight 2000kgs
  • The resulting pallet condition and minimal compression of less than 1mm, demonstrates the ability to perform reliably under the harshest conditions.

Environmentally friendly paperboard pallets

  • Lightweight Construction: A typical Australian export pallets (1100x1100x130mm) weighs only 6.5kg as opposed to 17kg plus for a wooden equivalent.
  • Excellent Strength Capabilities: 2000kg static weight capacity. 1600kg dynamic.
  • 100% Recyclable Handling Pallets: Not only made from recycled paper, but 100% recyclable again when disposed of.
  • Eco Friendly Materials Handling Solutions: Easy to dispose of and environmentally friendly.
  • Customisation Pallet Packaging: Pallet sizing can be manufactured to your exact requirement.
  • No Fumigation Required: A major cost and time saving.
  • Administration Savings: Significantly reduces administration requirements and costs.
  • Hygienic Palletising Systems: Paper pallets comply with HACCP regulations.
  • PACKSPEC Paperboard Pallets are both ISPM 15 and ISO 14000 Compliant.

Lighweight paperboard pallets to reduce airfreight costs

  • One Way Non Returnable: Ideal for containerised exporting, or any other application whereby pallets cannot be recovered.
  • Airfreight: Because you pay by weight, the lightweight PACKSPEC Paper Pallets significantly reduces airfreight costs.
  • Fresh Produce and Consumables: Ideal for produce and other food consumable items. In many instance shipped goods can be merchandised directly from the pallet as they can be used in HACCP controlled areas.

Paperboard Pallets from PACKSPEC come ready to use and are available for immediate delivery.

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